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San Martino Cathedral

The Cathedral of San Martino, with the “flawed” porch and its façade decorated with small columns, is located in the homonymous square.


The Church is located in the Square of San Michele, which occupies the original area of the Roman Forum, the centre of the city and location for meetings and trade. Until 1370, the Square hosted of the meetings of the Great Council, the highest legislative body of Lucca.

Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Reparata

The church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata is located in Piazza San Giovanni in the Romanesque part of the historical centre of Lucca, close to the Cathedral of San Martino.

Chiesa dei SS. Paolino e Donato

The Church of Saints Paolino and Donato is the only example in the city of a church built completely in Renaissance style. It is located on a street with the same name, one of the most popular places of the old town, and is known as the Church of San Paolino.

Chiesa di San Frediano, mosaico

The area of San Frediano is rich in monuments and evocative landscape.