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The hundreds yaears of  Puccini's Trittico, a conference on the occasion of the centenary of the first Italian performance (Rome, Teatro Costanzi, 11 January 1919).

A combination of established and emerging musicologists, both Italian and foreign, and a no less significant heterogeneity of research approaches and methodologies, representative of the trends and interests of today's musicology, which announces a conference full of points of view and constructive discussions.

The conference presents itself as a unique opportunity for scholars and enthusiasts of Giacomo Puccini's work to shed light on and understand the phases of the creation and reception of Puccini's three masterpieces: from the genesis of the Trittico dramaturgy (with clarification on the sources of the librettos), to the twentieth-century musical strategies deployed by the author, to the specific ways of the interaction of speech and music; from the reflection on the scenic arrangements to the study of the stylistic coordinates of the preparation of the first. The celebrations for the centenary of the Triptych were inaugurated during the Puccini Days, last December 14th, the exact day when the 100th anniversary of the premiere at the Metropolitan in New York took place, with Michele Girardi's lectio magistralis entitled Three Unique Acts towards the death, co-organized by the Giacomo Puccini Study Center and the Giacomo Puccini Foundation.

Thursday, 4 July 2019 to Saturday, 6 July 2019
2019 july 4 / 6
admission free
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