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In the Performance program

June 27

21:00 - Nello specchio dell'Opera - A narrative carousel from the libertine trilogy of Mozart (The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte) and other authors of the repertoire. Directed by Giovanna Morelli.

Maestro Claudia Gori, piano
Starring: Yu Bai, Beatrice Ballo, Mimma Briganti, Nicola Farnesi, Nunzia Fazzi, Leijunyu Gao, Valeria Lanini, Francesco Lombardi, Linda Scaramelli, Cinzia Scicchitano, Serena Suffredini, Jian Xu, Xuanhe Yu, Wang Xiao

Dominant female characters such as Susanna, Zerlina, Despina, Serpina, Norina, Adina... and their respective companions, sketch a timeless gallery of portraits in which to reflect our daily myths, our resources and our weaknesses.

The theme of "gender" in this repertoire is very present, through a varied phenomenology of love: attractions, conflicts, antagonisms, real or presumed infidelity, confessed and unconfessed desires, asymmetries and polygamies of feeling disturb the lives of these men and women, while still sailing towards a happy end assured by the strength of affection and intelligence, which each time will succeed in harmoniously recomposing the picture of life. In the storytelling invented with fragments of the work based on the voices, faces and characters of the class, we will construct the scenic places on sight and we will unpredictably cross the fate of the events.

Monday, 27 May 2019
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Auditorium dell’ISSM “L. Boccherini”
Piazza del Suffragio, 6
27 june 2019
admission free
0583 464104

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