Conversazioni Napoleoniche - Dal ballo al campo di battaglia: la moda ai tempi di Napoleone

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Conversazioni Napoleoniche in Lucca

Maria Luisa of Austria, Napoleon's passions and painted fashion is the theme of the 13th edition of Conversazioni Napoleoniche (the Napoleonic Conversations), with refreshing tastings for the guests, for three meetings to deepen the life of the Napoleons and their time, this year with novelty of the presence of two fashion and costume experts, prominent documents for understanding history and communication, yesterday and today.

Maria Luisa of Austria, Napoleon's passions between Plutarch, Annibale and Tito Livio and painted fashion, from the battlefields to the ballrooms. The Napoleonic Conversations are back for the 13th edition, a cultural event of the August Lucca that takes place within the project “Da Parigi a Lucca: il gusto di vivere al tempo di Napoleone e Elisa” ("From Paris to Lucca: the taste of living at the time of Napoleon and Elisa"), conceived by Roberta Martinelli with the contribution of the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca is realized in collaboration also with the Souvenir Napoléonien.

Wednesday 21 August
9:30 pm - Instead of the conversation traditionally dedicated to the cinema and realized in collaboration with the Cineforum Ezechiele 25,17, this year guests of Conversazioni Napoleoniche (the Napoleonic Conversations) are two experts on the history, fashion and costumes of Elisa's time: in the meeting from title “Dal ballo al campo di battaglia: la moda ai tempi di Napoleone” ("From dancing to the battlefield: fashion at the time of Napoleon") with the participation of Margarita Martinez, costume designer and organizer of Great International Ballet Napoleon, who has presented dance clothes since the beginning of the nineteenth century, and the English historian Ben Townsend, author of books on Napoleonic military uniforms and consultant for the BBC, which investigates some French examples bringing them to light for the first time.

Using historical pictures and drawings as historical documents, we will discover how a dress was designed and designed to serve different kinds of messages, from dance halls where power and culture were imposed between dance and ceremonial steps, to the fields from war where uniforms not only served to shelter from cold and heat. Townsend in particular will focus on the painting of Louis-Francois Lejeune of the Battle of Somosierra: can a battle painting be a reliable primary source for the study of uniform and military fashion in vogue at the Grande Armée in 1810?

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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Chiostro del Complesso di San Micheletto a Lucca
via San Micheletto 3
2019 August 19 / 21
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