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The days of San Paolino 2019

On 12 July 1664 the cannons placed on the walls adjacent to the Porta San Donato were fired to honor the memory of San Paolino but, accidentally, the blows were directed against the crowd that was in the area; there were no deaths or injuries and this miracle was attributed to San Paolino.

These are the days dedicated to the patron saint, and the city celebrates them not only with traditional religious celebrations, but also with historical events and re-enactments, musical events, markets and neighborhood celebrations.

Wednesday 3 July
6:00 pm - San Tommaso in Pelleria neighborhood - Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle - Eucharistic Celebration presided by Monignor Paolo Giulietti, Archbishop of Lucca. Following a small party in the neighborhood.

Thursday 4 July
6:15 pm - Piazza Cittadella - Pucciniana Postcard: Madama Butterfly curated by the Casa Puccini Museum and the Teatro del Giglio
8:30 pm - San Paolino premises, P.zza San Pierino, 11 - "Burraco di San Paolino", solidarity tournament

Wednesday, 3 July 2019 to Thursday, 4 July 2019
Start Time: 
End time: 
quartiere S. Tommaso in Pelleria, Piazza Cittadella, locali di San Paolino
quartiere S. Tommaso in Pelleria, piazza Cittadella, piazza San Pierino, 11
28 giugno / 18 luglio 2019
Admission free

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