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An afternoon of music and faith with the traditional Easter Concert of the "Gaetano Luporini" Philharmonic of San Gennaro, the Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of San Miniato and the "San Genesio" Choir of San Miniato, with the direction of the maestro Carlo Fermalvento , and four soloists: the soprano Benedetta Corti, the tenor Victor Hernàn Godoy, the alto Margherita Tani and the bass Giorgio Marcello.

A rich, varied and highly emotional program selected by Maestro Giampaolo Lazzeri, director of the Filarmonica, for this sixth edition which sees the appointment "moving" from the Wednesday of Holy Week to Palm Sunday.

The concert will open with Richard Wagner's "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral", an evocative piece, proposed with the arrangement by Franco Cesarini, of the opera "Lohengrin", a typically Wagnerian drama inspired by the events of the Holy Grail followed, in homage to the place of the concert, dedicated to St. Francis, a moving interpretation of the Canticle of the Creatures with the "Canticum" by Franco Arrigoni, a musical reinterpretation of the famous Franciscan text for choir and wind orchestra.

The symphonic poem "Meditation" by Pietro Damiani, continues the concert towards the grand finale with the "Messa di gloria" by Gioachino Rossini, presented in the arrangement by Donato Semeraro. A composition for soloists, chorus and orchestra in which we recognize all the melodic nuances of the Pesaro master, who since his first experiences has attended sacred music.

Free tickets, will be available at the IMT reception (Piazza San Francesco) starting from 15:00 on April 14th until available

Sunday, 14 April 2019
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auditorium san Francesco
piazza san Francesco
2019 april 14
admission free until seats available

Filarmonica Gaetano Luporini
Via del cimitero, San Gennaro (Capannori)