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Second edition of the ancient bench crossbow competition between the companies of  Pisa, Ventimiglia, Montefalco and the Lucca Contrada of San Paolino, in honor of the Ghibelline leader Castruccio Castracani, the first leader to use a huge force of balestrieri, composed of Lucca and Genoa , to march on Rome.
The field will be open to the public from 11.00 am for trial shots, but the actual race will start at 3.30 pm, where each team will try to make the best shots over the distance of 36 meters.
An excellent opportunity for those who want to closely observe crossbow shooting.

Around the middle of the year 1000, Lucca, like many Italian Municipalities, was divided into five regions, four of which bore the names of the city gates: S. Pietro, S. Gervasio, S. Donato and S. Frediano and a Porta di Borgo S. Frediano (currently Porta di Borgo) and in 1369 the city was again placed by the commission and divided into three third parties.

The third part of San Paolino, symbol of the patron saint of the city, always had the place of honor and precedence in the offices; then the third party of San Salvatore located in the center of the city, the richest one with commercial activities and the much larger and less populated third party of San Martino.

the program of the day includes moments of historical re-enactment in costume with the participation of the participants of the association.

9:30 am meeting of the participants.
10:30 am first practice shots.
12:30 am test shots end.


2.30 pm - meeting of the participants.
3.00 pm - procession of the crossbowmen and the group of young drummers together with the other participants.
4.00 pm - start of the race.
7:00 pm - end of the race.
7.30 pm - announcement and awarding of the winners.


Sunday, 30 June 2019
Start Time: 
End time: 
Campo Tiri della Repubblica di Lucca
via Pattana
2019 june 30
ingresso gratuito
393 5018541

Associazione Contrade S. Paolino
Porta S. Pietro, Lucca
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