Guided tours of the Villa Puccini in Viareggio

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Villa Puccini in Viareggio, detail of the staircase

Summer events with the extraordinary openings of Giacomo Puccini's Villa in Viareggio located to the west of the Pineta di Ponente with a guided tour.

Completed construction in 1921, designed by architect Vincenzo Pilotti and engineer Federigo Severini, the villa presents a rare example of an art nouveau garden characterized by terracotta walkways, planters in light stone. The main vegetal elements present in the garden, dating back to the time of the villa's construction, are a curtain of holm oak, a mixed hedge of pictosphorus and laurel, domestic pines, about 110 years old. In the garden the stone planters are still visible where palm trees and aspidistra were planted. In general, the plants that characterize the garden of the villa can all be traced back to those typical of the Mediterranean scrub which were used for harmonization with the coastal environment.
The Giacomo Puccini Foundation has been active in these years for the conservation and monitoring of tree species with scientific consultants, who after preparatory interventions, such as rehabilitation pruning, subjected the trees to instrumental investigations to thoroughly assess their physiosanitary status and their stability with respect to wind thrust.
Maestro Giacomo Puccini was very attentive to the care of the garden, but also to innovations, so much so that he installed a fixed micro-irrigation system, one of the first for the time.

Saturday, 13 July the Villa will be opened again, with a guided tour by the staff of the Giacomo Puccini Foundation with the collaboration of the students of the Piaggia Institute in Viareggio. They will be held on July 13th and 20th, 7th and 28th September at 3:00 pm; 4:00 pm; 17:00; 18:00.

A maximum of 15 people is provided for each group.

Reservations are required on 0583 1900379 or by mail to

Saturday, 13 July 2019
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Villa Puccini in Viareggio
Viale Michelangelo Buonarroti / Angolo Piazza Puccini - Viareggio (LU)
2019 July 13 / September 28
Admission free
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