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An art exhibition along Via dei Fossi to the Madonna dello Stellario.

"I Fossi dell'Arte- if I was a painter- if I was a photographer- if I was a sculptor" is an exhibition of works of art that takes place throughout the spring and summer, on the Saturday of the third weekend of each month, from 16:00 to 21:30, in conjunction with Lucca's antique market.

"I Fossi dell'arte" is an initiative that aims to discover  the historic Via dei Fossi and by extension the neighborhood that gravitates around Piazza San Francesco.  An area of Lucca less known to tourism but of great historical, architectural and cultural interest.
Historically, a popular area that at the time of the Republic of Lucca was one of the productive districts of the city thanks to the duct that since 1376, supplied the factories of the city, in particular the laboratories for silk processing, which made Lucca one of the richest centers of Europe, so that this street was popularly called "the silk street of Lucca".

Saturday, 14 September 2019
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Via del Fosso
Via del Fosso, 153, Lucca
april - september 2019
admission free
0583 490004

Arci Lucca e Versilia
Via Santa Gemma Galgani 79, Lucca


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