La Vinaria - Storia di biciclette e vino

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La Vinaria - History of bicycles and wine

New appointment with the non-competitive sports event La Vinaria - History of bicycles and wine.

Saturday 24 August at 8.30 pm, Marlia market square - Dinner of the Vinaria with local culinary excellence.

Sunday 25 August at 8.30am, "La Badiola" estate - 4th edition of the La Vinaria cycle race. Non-competitive race for those who want to merge passion, fun, nature and landscape with the aim of riding with friends and good food.
Meeting at 8:00 am at the Marlia market square and subsequent official departure from the "La Badiola" estate.
Numerous refreshments along the routes and arrival in Marlia market square.

There are two paths:
"The divine" (short path) - 43 Km: for cyclists who want to enjoy the landscapes and excellent refreshments along the route,
"The intrepid" (long path) - 78 Km: for adventurous cyclists who are not afraid of climbs and want to see a breathtaking panorama of the Lucca hills like the "oak of the witches".
There are two prizes up for grabs: the one for the most "fit" athlete and the one for the thinner athlete.

Details of the event's regulations are available on the  La Vinaria website.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 to Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Start Time: 
End time: 
Marlia market square
Piazza del Mercato, 4 - Capannori (LU)
2019 September 24 / 25
€ 20,00 / € 30,00 / € 35,00
347 2315386

La Vinaria
Via Don Emilio Angeli, 281 - Capannori (LU)
cell. 347 2315386 -

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