Le notti dell'archeologia -The ancietn Hospital along the via Francigena in Altopascio

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Archeological night to Altopscio

From 29 June to 4 August The Archeology nights are a highly anticipated event with extraordinary evening and night openings, dedicated events in the museums, areas and archaeological parks of Tuscany.

The nineteenth edition has as its main theme "Art and techne", a theme that enhances the aesthetic and artistic components of the collections and in general of the cultural heritage from prehistory to the present, with a careful look at both the techniques of realization of artistic artefacts and the technology available from the most remote times, in continuous evolution.

In the year of the Celebrations for the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the theme reinforces the vocations that have been of Leonardo's work, a continuation and promoter of a union between Art and techne that from the farthest past reaches today.
The rich program that winds with events throughout the regional territory is aimed at an audience of all ages, the schedules of the initiatives will be diversified to facilitate their usability.

Sunday, 21 July
H 9.00pm - Museo di storia locale - Archaeological exhibition of the history of the Old Hospital of Altopascio on the Vai Francigena. Guided tour of the Historical Center and Historical Collection. A blast from the past retracing the Via Francigena.

The event is  accessible to the phisical disabled person.

Sunday, 21 July 2019
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Museo di storia locale di Altopascio
Piazza Ospitalieri, 3- Altopascio
29 june / 4 august 2019
admission free
0583 216280

Museo di storia Locale
Piazza Ospitalieri,3 - Altopascio
Tel. 0583 216280 -  turismo@comune.altopascio.lu.it