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Second edition of "Le Rinascenze", an event conceived as an ideal bridge between the past, the noble matrix of art and our time that looks to the future, in the name of a commonality, placed in the familiar as well as philosophical concept of Renaissance.

The lucky format returns to the evocative park of the Villa Reale in Marlia with news regarding the arrangements, laboratories and exclusive performances proposed by street artists. The details will be renewed and guarantee a party that is best enjoyed by adults and children. Children will be able to just have fun and learn thanks to a series of free and equipped laboratories that will create a space to their size.
Young painters, photographers, sculptors and performers will have the opportunity to share a common scenario of history and beauty and to perform within a path that will become a journey made of emotions and senses.

During the weekend the artists will present their works according to original installations and exclusive ongoing performances. The event will once again be based on the unification of the heterogeneity of art, contemplating an offer of free reception and able to guarantee a complete emotional journey, even for the profane of art.
The festival finds and presents valid authors who will lend their artistic gesture to the public of Lucca and to the guests, transforming for the occasion the park of Villa Reale into a special open-air workshop.

Saturday, 25 May 2019 to Sunday, 26 May 2019
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villa Reale
Via della Fraga, 1 Marlia
2019 may 25 / 26
331 3916988

 Keativa d'arte e dintorni
Via Nicola Barbantini 113/115 Località Arancio
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