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The 2019 edition of Lucca Film Festival / Europa Cinema will be the consecration of the event on the international scene.
The event, which celebrates and promotes cinematographic culture, wants to pay homage to the cinema in a dimension that is as expanded and multidisciplinary as possible and manages to do so with a unique edge in the panorama of European festivals.

Through projections, exhibitions, conferences and performances, the Festival has been able over the years to capture an ever wider audience with a program that ranges from experimental films to traditional films distinguishing itself from many other festivals thanks to its audacious but carefully studied programming.

The festival is as usual accompanied by a program of exhibitions, competitions, master classes, meetings with the big guests, programs for children conjugated in a particular performative dimension thanks to which dozens of films and previews are presented every year in collateral events with production live from original events, choral, scenographic and immersive, combining the historical Provnciale tradition of Carnival and cosplaying with the production of events promoting and enhancing Italian and international cinema. An element of absolute novelty that distinguishes the festival and always involves new categories of users.

Over the years, great names of international filmmakers and celebrities have participated in the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema. This year on the red carpet in Piazza del Giglio there will be Rutger Hauer cult actor for legendary interpretations in films such as Blade Runner and Ladyhawke; Philip Gröning, the German director of cult films like "The Great Silence" which will inaugurate the 2019 edition of the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema with the Italian premiere of his latest film "My brother's name is Robert and he is an idiot", in contemporary at the MAXXI museum in Rome. will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award and will be one of the jury members of the international competition and will hold a masterclass dedicated to his work in the film industry. He will also be honored with a complete retrospective that will retrace his documentary career; Joe Dante, who will receive the "Career Award" for the 2019 edition, will hold a masterclass on his cinema, curated by journalist and film critic Paolo Zelati and will present - in a national preview - Nightmare Cinema, collective work and horror anthology of five directors in which the director shot the episode entitled "Mirare". To enrich the tribute to the cinema of the American filmmaker will be the presence of Mick Garris - cult director also for having created the horror genre television series Masters of Horror - in Lucca as producer and director of Nighmare Cinema will participate in the masterclass with Joe Dante in a unpublished meeting dedicated to genre cinema) and a selection of his most representative films that will retrace his career.

Palazzo Ducale from 6 to 23 April 2019 will host ivece Kubrick, between cinema and painting. An exhibition of the works of Andrea Gnocchi by Riccardo Ferrucci: a series of unpublished paintings, entirely dedicated to the work of the genius of cinematography.

The welcoming locations of Lucca and Viareggio complete the festival offering natural settings of great charm. As a tribute to Viareggio and in collaboration with the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, this year a new program dedicated to films, documentaries and TV series is also set up, which discusses the sea as an environmental and social point of view.

the complete program on the official website of the festival


Friday, 12 April 2019 to Sunday, 21 April 2019
2019 april 12 / 21

Lucca Film Festival
via delle Tagliate II°, traversa I°, n 64