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MITOS 2019

"We are on the same boat ... you and me" is the title of the 12th MITOS review which, like every year, will make Lucca the meeting point for Italian social theater. Inside MITOS 2019 there will be free admission workshops and shows on the theme of being on the same boat, an open theme that is so reminiscent of the existential problems of humanity in the twenty-first century both the question of immigration and the current situation socio-political of Italy.

In the laboratories, from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th, topics such as the relationship between the human being and the planet in the light of the profound transformations and the continuous emergencies with the aim of rediscovering the lost harmony planet - man, sexuality and how it is influenced in mass level from a single model, the relationships between people and how they influence each other. Furthermore there will be specific laboratories, such as the one dedicated to the luxury of being able to be imperfect, to the migratory phenomenon seen and experienced by the participants from all points of view, in search of their own role in the world and in contemporary society.

The meeting also consists of evenings dedicated to social theater performances open to all.

Thursday 22 August
9:00 pm - presentation of the MITOS review
9.30 pm - San Micheletto complex. Playback theater performance on the theme of the meeting of the host company, "Empatheatre, the Compagnia dei Salvastorie", based on the stories that will be told by people in the audience;

Friday 23 August
9.30 pm - San Micheletto complex. “Borderlands Circus ovvero... l’arte di vivere da funamboli” represented by the Associazione Culturale Antigone of Pavia, performance of Integrated Social Theater, in which users with dual diagnoses, migrant asylum seekers, young people will together give voice to their stories on the borders of society.

Saturday 24 August
9.30 pm - San Micheletto complex. “ZAMBOT 3, ovvero out of control”, staged by the "C ENTRA" theater company of the social cooperative C.RE.A. of Viareggio. A theatrical show born from the laboratory held in the Day Care Centers for the Disabled and in the Protected Housing Communities of Versilia.


The complete program of shows and workshops on the website

Thursday, 22 August 2019 to Sunday, 25 August 2019
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Complesso monumentale di San Micheletto
via san Micheletto, 1
2019 August 22 / 25
Admission free
347 8599527

Via Romana Ovest, 43 - Porcari
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