Terra Mater - Earth and Heaven

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Terra Mater - Earth and Heaven

From 20 May to 30 September the bronze sculptures of the artist Andrea Roggi are exhibited in the enchanting architectural backdrops of the city of Lucca in the circuit of the diffused personal exhibition entitled Terra Mater- Earth and Heaven (Mother Earth - Earth and Heaven).

The entire corpus of works selected for the exhibition are set up scenically within an ideal path that starts from the ancient Walls, the Bastion of San Frediano, inside the "Casermetta" in front - which will become for the occasion of the duration of the exhibition The Circle of Life Temporary Gallery - in Piazza dell'Anfiteatro and inside the cloister of the Real Collegio.

The bronze and marble sculptures are made in various formats, from the monumental one for the eleven sculptures positioned along the Mura (Walls) and in cardinal places of the Historical Center, up to those of medium and small dimensions for the works present around and within the premises at the Baluardo of San Frediano.

The master's suggestive works are linked to the theme of the Mother Earth (Terra Mater) in all its symbols. Among the fundamental elements of the Earth, in fact, appear the Tree and its branches. Other symbols chosen by the artist in his works to represent the Mother Earth are the sphere and the circle.
Terra Mater is also the title of a monumental work in bronze in the shape of a world-sphere made with a particular technique designed and patented by Roggi himself.
Other monumental works, on the theme of the Tree of Life, a vital and luxuriant element of the Mother Earth, are dedicated to Fertilià (Fertility), to the Amore che salva il Mondo (Love that saves the World), to the Radici del nostro Futuro (Roots of our Future), to the Memoria di un Istante (Memory of an Instant).
On particularly fascinating urban glimpses, there are also some works of the Master's last production, Continuum (the Circle of Life) and Time.
The exhibition continues virtually in Pietrasanta, in the Piazza del Teatro and inside the permanent gallery of the artist The Circle of Life Gallery-Pietrasanta.

Monday, 20 May 2019 to Monday, 30 September 2019
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Piazza Anfiteatro / Real Collegio / Mura / Baluardo of San Frediano
Old town - Lucca
2019 May 20 / September 30
Admission free
0575 653401 / 333 6461405

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