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Virtuoso e Belcanto festival a Lucca

Fourth edition of the prestigious festival, a unique and extraordinary event that in the panorama of festivals dedicated to classical music represents the maximum conjugation between high education, competition and expression for Romantic music worldwide, with teachers and students meeting in intense sessions of study and execution concentrated in two dense weeks, every July.

The Virtuoso and Belcanto Festival makes it possible for generations to come together, between experience and passion, between profound knowledge and the desire to learn. An extraordinary symphony of feelings and talent will invade the city of Lucca and some of the most beautiful locations in the historic center, celebrating the best cultural heritage of this city.

In the days of the festival there will be concerts of the Virtuosi, which will take place in the most evocative places of the city of Lucca, such as the splendid Palazzo Pfanner, the Church dei Servi, the Church of San Michele.

scheduled today Saturday 27 July

6.30 pm - Real Collegio - The colors of the Talent: Piano 1835 - Concert Young musicians.
9.00 pm - Bagni di Lucca - Casino - Concert by the String Quartet winner of the Adolfo Betti Special Award 2019.
9:30 pm - Church dei Servi - I Virtuosi - Romantic Lucca No.4
J. Brahms: Quintet in G minor op.111 - Andrej Bielow, vl. / Luc-Marie Aguera, vl. / Paul Cortese, vla. / Ilmari Hopkins vc. & friend
R. Schumann: Quintet in E flat Op.44 - Yejin Gil, pf. / Eszter Haffner, vl. / Jan Bjøranger, vl. / Paul Cortese, vla. / Adrian Brendel, vc.

Saturday, 27 July 2019
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ex Real Collegio
piazza del Real Collegio
15 / 28 july 2019
admission free

Virtuoso e Belcanto

Teatro del Giglio
piazza del Giglio 13/15
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