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950th anniversary of the Cathedral in Lucca - Poster of guided visits
Where: Sant'Alessandro church
Indirizzo: Piazza Sant'Alessandro - Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
Logo of the Ape Teatrale event
Where: Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
Poster with events at the Domus Romana Lucca in occasion of The Nights of Archeology
Where: Domus Romana Lucca
Indirizzo: VIa C. Battisti, 15 - Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
Image Logo. Look out Lucca – guided visits at Villa Reale
Where: Villa Reale in Marlia
Indirizzo: Via Fraga Alta, 2 - loc. Marlia. Capannori (LU)
When: 11/07/2020
Lucca Classica. VI edition - Summer 2020
Where: Historical center / S. Francesco church
Indirizzo: Lucca / Piazza S. Francesco - Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
Category: Culture, Festival, Musica
Image Logo. Lucca Kids Tour - guided visits
Where: Historical center
Indirizzo: Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
Lucca teatro festival - Cosa sono le nuvole? Summer Edition
Where: Piazza Felice Orsi
Indirizzo: Porcari (LU)
When: 11/07/2020
Logo 66th PUCCINI Festival 2020
Where: Gran Teatro Puccini
Indirizzo: Torre del Lago Puccini, Viareggio - Lucca
When: 11/07/2020
The days of San Paolino
Where: different locations of the historical center
Indirizzo: Lucca
When: 11/07/2020 to 12/07/2020
Villa Grabau - Detail
Where: Villa Grabau
Indirizzo: Via per Matraia, 269 - loc. San Pancrazio, Lucca
When: 12/07/2020