Luigi Boccherini

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Luigi Boccherini (Lucca 1743- Madrid 1805) was born from a family of musicians who introduced him to music immediately.

Boccherini made his debut as a soloist on the cello in the Monastery of St. Dominic. In 1764, he became the first cellist in the Chapel of the Palace and founded with the musicians Manfredi, Nardini and Cambini, the first quartet that can be historically verified.

Boccherini held numerous concerts in Italy and in other European countries. In 1768, he settled in Madrid where he died in poverty on 28 May 1805. Since 1927, the remains of Boccherini have been in the church of S.Francesco in the historical centre of Lucca.

The Institute of Musical Studies Luigi Boccherini is one of the oldest music schools in Italy. It is part of the Higher Education in Art and Music, together with Conservoires, the Academy of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Dance, the National Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Higher Institutes for Art Industries.

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