Villa Oliva

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Villa Oliva

Via di Villa Oliva, 55010 San Pancrazio, Lucca

Telefono +39 0583 406462. Fax +39 0583 406771. Cellulare +39 330 446252

The villa, built in the 16th century by architect Matteo Civitali for Ludovico Buonvisi and later bought by the Oliva family, overlooks a park of five hectares decorated with fountains.

The building consists of two halls one above the other in the central part, and of a charming portico with columns made of Matraia stone.

Apertura al pubblico:

Sono visitabili il parco, le scuderie e la limonaia dal 15/3 al 5/11.

La villa non è visitabile


The garden of the villa is open to the public from 15 March to 5 November. The entrance is free of charge and opening times are 9.30am-12.30am / 2.00pm-6.00pm. During closing times, only pre-booked groups can visit.