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Puccini Museum - Birthplace

Within the walls of the historic city of Lucca, Piazza della Cittadella and Corte San Lorenzo are places full of memory, which are related to the childhood and youth of Giacomo Puccini.

Torre Guinigi

The tower stands at the corner of Via Sant'Andrea and Via delle Chiavi D’Oro. Built of stone and brick, the Guinigi tower is 45 metres high and stands out from all the buildings of the old part of the town because of the trees that grow on its top.

casa del boia

The Entry Point is divided into two units: the Museum, located in the former Casa del Boia, offers a unique and interactive multimedia path entitled "Francigena Emotion:The Journey, the Faith, the Beauty ";


The Church is located in the Square of San Michele, which occupies the original area of the Roman Forum, the centre of the city and location for meetings and trade. Until 1370, the Square hosted of the meetings of the Great Council, the highest legislative body of Lucca.

Clock Tower

Recently restored by the municipal administration and reopened to visitors, the Clock Tower, located in the central Via Fillungo, is the highest in the city.