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Chiesa di San Frediano, mosaico

The area of San Frediano is rich in monuments and evocative landscape.

St. Pietro Somaldi Church

The Church of San Pietro Somaldi is located in the homonymous square East of the amphitheatre near the medieval city walls. Lombard origins of the Church are witnessed by the same name which derives from Sumualdo, founder of the early Church in 763.

Museo della Cattedrale

The Cathedral Museum is housed in a building, which includes a 13th century tower house, a sixteenth-century church and a main body dating back to the 14th century, located in Piazza Antelminelli.

Logo del Complesso Museale e Archeologico della Cattedrale di Lucca

The museum complex of the Cathedral and the Church of San Giovanni is divided into three different areas of great historical importance in Lucca : the archaeological site of the Church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata , the Cathedral Museum and the sacristy of the Cathedral of S .Martino where is...

Museo del Risorgimento, la linea del tempo

The Risorgimento Museum is housed in some of the rooms of the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca.