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extraLucca, the city of the oil at the centre of the world

extraLucca is the temple of the Lucchese taste of quality artisan oil, conceived and curated by the "Maestrod'olio" Fausto Borella.
Hosted in the halls of Palazzo Ducale, every year the market exhibition sees the participation of many high quality Italian companies. It is possible to discover and taste the best "green" oils, that is freshly pressed, coming from all regions, with the possibility of meeting the producers.
An opportunity for everyone, enthusiasts and experts in the field, to know and understand what excellences are just pressed and the best production of the current year.
In parallel, an area called Lucca extraFood is set up, with food stands by some of the most famous Italian taste artisans, who will present their creations to the public to taste on the spot or to buy.

The event is also an opportunity for the presentation of books, meetings, demonstrations of chefs, pastry chefs, nutritionists and also presents a truly unique food and wine itinerary, open to experts, enthusiasts, beginners but also to children.

Particular emphasis is given to the themes related to the great kitchen with the cooking show of some of the best national and international chefs and the great tastings with tastings open to the public. Experts in the tasting of great champagnes, great oils and great wines will lead the tastings. During the event, a preview of the best wines will also be presented, which will be presented at Anteprima. Preview of the Wines from the Tuscan Coast.
The awarding of the Corone Maestro d'Olio and the presentation of the new annual Terred’Olio guide are of great importance. The Corona delivered during the awards ceremony, designed and built over the years by well-known Tuscan artists, will reward the quality of the best companies in the volume.

Summer spin-off of the event, in the months of June and July, housed in the heart of the old Roman forum of Lucca, under the Loggiato of Palazzo Pretorio in Piazza San Michele, is extraLucca Summer Edition, in which Fausto Borella with the Accademia Maestrod’olio presents the best excellences of Italian extra virgin olive oil to thousands of tourists from all over the world.
To understand the real quality Evo homemade oil, you have to start from the basics, recognizing the defects first, and then falling in love with the perfumes of the oil, thanks also to the tasting with the presented ingredients. You can taste 50 labels of extra virgin olive oil and taste the best rosé wines of Tuscany and Italy.

Excellence in food and ingredients produced by artisans of taste will delight the event, whose purpose is to educate to the excellence of good and beauty, from all points of view. A moment of relaxation, not to be missed, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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