Monumental Villas

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The villas of Lucca, built between the 15th and the 19th century in the countryside and hills surrounding the city as the summer residences of the upper classes, are a heritage of remarkable beauty.

Most of these villas still belongs to individuals who have passed them on from generation to generation within their family. With their large gardens, porticos, frescoed halls and parks with ponds and lakes, these real "works of art" offer an intimate and meditative atmosphere.

Villa Bernardini

Villa Bernardini, built by Bernardo Bernardini in 1615, is a remarkable example of late Renaissance architecture.

Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau was built by the wealthy merchants of Lucca, the Diodati family, on the ruins of a medieval village, and it was then sold in 1868 to Carolina Grabau, wife of a wealthy German banker.

Villa Mansi

Built as Villa Segromigno, it was bought by the Mansis in the seventeenth century.

Villa Oliva

The villa, built in the 16th century by architect Matteo Civitali for Ludovico Buonvisi and later bought by the Oliva family, overlooks a park of five hectares decorated with fountains.

Villa Reale

The entrance, at the crescent of the stables, invites into the small forest to discover, little by little, all the secret corners of the park: a stream accompanies the camellia path with small waterfalls, bridges and ponds; the little hill climbs along the spiral path; the music gazebo is...