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Art Nouveau in Viareggio, Lucca

Versilia is not only beaches and the sea.

Palazzo Pfanner view from the walls of Lucca

Arte, musica e cucina sono i maggiori attrattori di Lucca secondo Ingrid K.

Arcobaleno d'estate: events and appointments in Tuscany

That Giacomo Puccini was a motor enthusiast is not a new story.

Santa Caterina or Sigaraie church in Lucca

At the end of the 19th century the big building of the tobacco factory in Lucca employed hundreds of people. The female cigar makers of Lucca became famous for their ability to make the famous "stortignaccolo" which, actually realized because of an accident, got immediately famous.


After the International Jazz Festival in the month of April, May begins and is all dedicated to music.


Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous

Art, music, sports and good food as the perfect occasion for a weekend on the beautiful Versilia coast, the sea just a stone's throw away from Lucca. The mix of local excellences and boating is the perfect match of this third edition of Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous - scheduled from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 May - with a calendar full of events, shows and performances.

Santa Zita di Lucca - dipinto di Antonio Possenti

She rests all year round inside the Basilica of San Frediano, in a side chapel where large frescoes tell its history. She is Saint Zita, the saint of flowers, to whom many devotees throughout the world are grateful and in Lucca it is an air of celebration.

Bocciolo di Camelia

Winter is getting a little tight, March is near and afternoons of steaming chocolate give way to walks in the hills in the midst of reborn nature. To fully appreciate the season here is a program of essential parties dedicated to flowers in Lucca and in the area.

Lucca Classica Music festival

A worthy soundtrack for spring blooms. Here, from 2nd to 5th May the concerts of Lucca Classical Music Festival with over 80 events including symphonic concerts, chamber music, listening guides, events.

anteprima vini della costa toscna - invito

Well over 800 labels for a total of over 100 wine growers, coming from the Tuscan provinces washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Wines to taste in preview and vintages that have made history for a unique oenological journey that brings to Lucca all the best productions of the Tuscan coastal territory.