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Happy easter

The keyword is to blow off some steam. Here are 5 tips for a relaxation day dedicated to outdoor activities with friends. A choice between picnics in parks, rides on the promenade at sea, outing to the countryside and treasure hunts.
and... Happy Easter to everybody!


Francigena Bike Flyer

Nature, culture and sport all in one by bike on the new Francigena cycle path from Camaiore to Altopascio passing through Lucca and Capannori.

"Strolling by bike, cycling without any hurry ... Saturday morning
along the Francigena route, guess where are we now?"

oasi di Sibolla - coleottero

The history of the plain around Lucca has a strong relation to the water element. The very name of Lucca recalls its past as a Ligurian town and the presence of water spots, "luk", all around the small hill on which the town was founded.

Un pomeriggio al Museo

The winter months are particularly suitable for those looking for the truest face of the city.
On colder days the Museums are excellent shelters that help us to know unexpected or little known aspects of Lucca and often offer activities to do in a group with friends, family and ... to Lucca!
We propose some, known and less known, for an unusual afternoon in Lucca



Some elderly people remember: today is the beginning of spring at the seaside, where on February 21st the climate is mild and spring arrives earlier.

Silk from Lucca

Attentive and curious visitors wandering around Lucca will probably wonder about what is hidden behind the doors of the town's buildings, what secrets or treasures are kept by locals behind the large window bars.

There are many answers and we suggest to follow the thread....of silk.

Museo della Follia - Lucca

A journey through the lives and sufferings of various artists in which creativity and madness come together in the indelible representation of the most obscure part of the human mind. A unique environment that houses some masterpieces of the great history of international art, belonging to prestigious private collections and important Italian and international museums.

Carnevale di Viareggio 2019

Viareggio, the capital of the Italian Carnival, gives an appointment to the five great Masquerade parade 2019.

Piazza san Martino a Lucca in un dipinto di Bernardo Bellotto

After a year full of events, including the lucky exhibition "Per sogni e per chimere" dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, the Ragghianti Foundation prepares the 2019 calendar full of novelties with two important and demanding exhibitions.

Pania della Croce in the snow

Apuane or the Apennines? The reassuring grass of the Apennine Tosco Emiliano meadows or the "magical" places and landscapes of the Apuan Alps, a mountain with a view of the sea? The first days of January are perfect for an invigorating hike in the mountains, well covered to enjoy the cold winter air with the certainty that at the end you will find ...