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Solstizio d'inverno sul Monte Forato

Since millennia the days around the solstice are marked by important festivals and celebrations. A fortiori in places where the Sun itself seems to "play" and offer ideas for rituals and festivities.

Natale a Lucca, tutti gli appuntamenti in calendario

One day after another, walking through the streets of the historic center of Lucca you realize that a new light has come on, that the skating rink has arrived in Piazza Napoleone, that the decorations of lights and stars are more and more, sumptuous Christmas trees pop up in the shops.
Christmas is near!

Natale in musica a Lucca

An inviting program of Christmas Concerts with a great variety of styles, music from the Lucca tradition, the Christmas tradition, traditions of other countries that are linked with local ones in this time of festivity and accompany with a special dedicated soundtrack, the Christmas holidays.

Natale, andar per mercatini a Lucca

Christmas holidays are coming, and it's time to think about gifts for family and friends.


Living, portable, painted, historical, traditional, mechanical, scenic, in caves, houses, churches, squares, houses, palaces... Many occasions and a lot of tradition to experience the Christmas atmosphere.


Christmas is a magical time to live in Tuscany where you can breathe the authentic atmosphere of winter festivities. Torchlight processions and ritual fires, secular auspicious rites, probable remnants of ancient festivities for the winter solstice are celebrated especially in the mountain area.

Lucca vegetable soup

Walk along the Francigena and learn about local products in six meetings organized by Slow Food that reveal the ... flavor of the Via Francigena in the Lucca area. From oil to wild herbs, from sweets to legumes, to soups.

Photolux 2018

Waiting for the biennial to return in 2019, Photolux offers us a very respectable 2018 edition. The festival dedicated to the eighth art will host in its reduced version works by internationally renowned artists, competitions, workshops, portfolio readings and talks open to all.

Andante, con brio - Itinerari musicali a Lucca

See a city from a particular point of view and discover that ... everything is about music!

Andante, but with panache: here is the new format for visiting the city in the sign of Puccini and music.