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Fondazione BML

The program of exhibitions and events that will be hosted at Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Fondazione BML has been presented today by Oriano Landucci, president of Fondazione BML, and Maria Stuarda Varetti, coordinator of the exhibitions' program, together with the artists Alessandro Tofanelli and Mauro Moriconi, and one of

Musei Nazionali di Lucca

Lucca's National Museums join the projects promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Turism, thanks to the collaboration of the internal staff. The purpose is to increase and improve the cultural offer promoting the following activities, starting from the month of December:

National Museum of Villa Guinigi

Giardini della Scultura

A new exhibition itinerary made of sculptures has been opened on Saturday 17th of December 2016 in the cloisters of Fondazione Ragghianti. The set-up, designed by Mauro Lovi, wants to give to the sculptures a new arrangement that allows a different way to study and admire them, following a general and systematic plan, with detailed and complete captions.