From Pietrasanta to Lucca

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Right after Pietrasanta you can visit the ancient church of San Giovanni, and go up and down through the hills of Lucca. After visiting the historic centre of Camaiore and the ancient Badia, go up to Monte Magno. From here, take the SP1, sometimes very dangerous for its traffic.

After going up to Piazzano, descend into the valley of the river Contesola and, once crossed the Serchio river through Ponte San Pietro, you reach Lucca.

There is a discrete water availability. Refreshments in Camaiore, Monte Magno, Valpromaro, San Macario in Piano.


Pietrasanta, Cathedral


Lucca, Piazza San Michele

Total length

32.2 km

Walking Difficulty


How to get there

Train lines Rome-La Spezia, Pietrasanta station