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The city of Lucca ... becomes accessible is a project promoted and realized thanks to the contribution of the Foundation Banca del Monte di Lucca, together with the town of Lucca and with other public and private partners to implement the accessibility of the city for the benefit of all, but especially of disabled people.

The project has allowed to develop, learn about and support the realization of accessible routes:

  1. Eastern area (Porta Elisa – Piazza Antelminelli)
  2. Central area (from Piazza Antelminelli to Piazza S. Giovanni)
  3. Southern area (Piazza S. Giovanni – Train station)
  4. “A Ruota Libera” (Piazza S.Maria – Piazza S. Martino) managed by the Foundation Serono
  5. “Le Mura per tutti” (autonomous visit of the Walls for the visually impaired, with the help of a special smart cane) in collaboration with the University of Pisa and the Unione Italiana Ciechi
  6. Botanical Garden (sensory routes: “Mettiamo in gioco i sensi: toccare, annusare, ascoltare per conoscere”) managed by the Opera delle Mura.

All routes have been structured so as to ensure accessibility to the history and culture of the city by building ramps and other means to overcome architectural barriers, and with the involvement of trade associations that care for disabled citizens.

All information regarding the accessible routes will be soon collected on the website, at the moment under construction. The site will be enriched with information regarding other possible routes that are still under construction or nearly finished, and with all the information we can gather on accessibility for all.

It is fundamental to know in order to disseminate. We invite you to report accessible locations (cultural, public, offices, etc ...) in order to expand the opportunity to inform citizens and tourists.