Santa Maria Forisportam, access to the Roman city

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Entering the city from the nineteenth-century Porta Elisa, built by Napoleon's sister along the road from Florence, a journey back in time begins along a few hundred meters, that leads us through the impressive door of St Gervasio and Protasios (13th century) to the Piazza Santa Maria "Forisportam". Here, in fact, at the beginning of Via Santa Croce, there used to be the gates of the Roman city (2nd century BC).

Along this sort of "telescope", it is possible to admire some historical artefacts of particular relevance: Villa Bottini, erected by the Buonvisi family in the second half of the sixteenth century and surrounded by an Italian garden with a nymphaeum, the Via del Fosso, which takes its name from the " public channel" built in the late fourteenth century along the Medieval walls, and finally the Church of Santa Maria "Forisportam", rich in classical decorations on the façade and in the inside.

piegati in facciata e nell’interno.