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A real journey into the brain in search of the mind: this is the leitmotif of the program of the educational scientific meetings aimed at the general public that the IMT Alti Studi Lucca School organizes for the Global Brain Awareness Week.

The initiative is coordinated by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain in Europe and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives in the United States and is the result of a great international collaboration. The School participates in this important project for the sixth time by promoting neuroscience online. Comfortably seated at home, a series of video contributions by the researchers and professors of the IMT School will be available.


In the program today, Friday March 19

6:00 pm - Live streaming on fb | IMT-School-for-Advanced-Studies-Lucca and on YT / channel/ScuolaIMT |  Piccoli Cervelli, Grandi Pensieri. Book presentation "Pensieri della mosca con la testa storta" (Adelphi). A talk with the author Giorgio Vallortigara, Professor of Neuroscience and animal cognition from the University Trento. Introduction by the IMT director, Pietro Pietrini. Moderated by the scientific journalist Chiara Palmerini.

The complete program of events is online. Poster (.jpg).


March 15 / 21, 2021
Start / End Time
6:00 pm
Online streaming
Free admission

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