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Il Desco - Sapori e Saperi Lucchesi. Itinerario enogastronomico

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Il Desco is like a large outdoor table, as the name itself recalls, which makes tastes and knowledge come together, from  a land rich in food and wine. It is a taste journey which every year comes back to the Real Collegio in Lucca between November and December, on Saturdays and Sundays.

After the great success of the last editions (over 40 thousand visitors per year), Il Desco has become not only a showcase of local products of the highest quality - including fragrant meats like prosciutto Bazzone, the Biroldo della Garfagnana (both Slow Food) and the Mondiola, the antique "shepherd’s cheese called L’Accasciato, the Caprino della Garfagnana, the Formentone ottofile and Farro IGP, accompanied by excellent wines from areas of standing value as Montecarlo and Colline Lucchesi - instead it is  an actual journey of flavours which from Lucca takes you through the streets of Garfagnana, between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, passing through Versilia and the beautiful Serchio Valley.

At Il Desco, flavours are the means to talk about places, people, passions, challenges, values ​​that contribute to affirm the "model of Lucca", based on the excellence of products and processes, "ancient knowledge", on attention and quality care, on the originality and uniqueness of food and wine, but also on a vision of the future that, putting together tradition and innovation, brings to the rest of Italy and in the world the identity of this territory.

This is an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca in collaboration with AIS TOSCANA, FISAR Lucca e Garfagnana e Slow Food Lucca Compitese Orti Lucchesi.

Place: Real Collegio

Address: Piazza del Collegio, 13

Dates: November - December


Telefono: 0583 97666

Web Site:


Il Desco – Sapori e Saperi Lucchesi in Mostra
Segreteria organizzativa

Camera di Commercio di Lucca – Promozione interna ed estera
tel. 0583 97666 / 0583 97403 -