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La Santa Croce e il Settembre Lucchese

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Settembre Lucchese: tradition and fun
Religious festivals and fairs, exhibitions and shows for a whole month to live in the city of the walls, numerous appointments every day in Lucca for September Lucchese, from religious festivals to fairs, markets, shows and the Luna Park. There will also be numerous inaugurations of events and exhibitions that will continue in the following months.

The highlight will be held on September 13th, when starting from 8pm the historic center will host the historic Luminara di Santa Croce: a suggestive procession that will see the streets lit only by thousands of candles and candles. Crossbowmen dressed in medieval costumes and many costumed figures will also parade in the parade.

On September 14th Santa Croce is celebrated: it is about the veneration of the Holy Face, a wooden crucifix kept in the Cathedral of San Martino, which according to legend came from the Holy Land and depicts the features of Christ.

Place: Lucca, old town

Dates: September