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The city of Lucca celebrates the Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Nazi-Fascism with a series of events. Among these, a theatrical journey along the paths of memory through the "letters by the sentenced to death during the Italian resistance ".

At 6:00 pm live on the FB page / Casa della Memoria e della PaceLettere e narrazioni della Resistenza – Non avrei mai creduto fosse così facile morire. Theatre project by the Kairos Cultural Association.

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April 25, 2021
Start / End Time
6:00 pm
online streaming
Free admission

Casa della Memoria e della Pace
Mura Urbane, Castello di Porta S. Donato Nuova - Lucca
FB / casadellamemorialucca
tel. +39 0583 442087 -

Associazione Culturale Kairos - FB / associazioneculturalekairos
cell. +39 338 3344323 / +39 35105544323 -