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10th edition of Lucca Biennale, the first international art festival dedicated to paper and its forms, an open-air exhibition where artists try their hand at making large works of paper, in close collaboration with companies producing paper and cardboard, a tradition in the Lucca area, since the early 1300s.

Lucca Biennale is, therefore, a city, a territory and its excellence, told by artists through one of its main products, paper. Every square or urban space is adopted in union by a famous artist and a paper company. The former offers creativity, the latter patronage, sponsorship and support.

In addition to open-air installations, exhibitions, events and performances create a rich calendar of initiatives throughout the month.

Lucca Biennale is one of the most important events dedicated to paper as an instrument of art, design, architecture and creativity. The Biennale was born in the city of Lucca, the first paper district in Europe.

A theme guides all the events and all the exhibitions of each edition. Something to reflect on and with which artists create a link between art and society. La Biennale announces an international competition open to everyone: artists, designers and architects.

Lucca Biennale is art exhibitions, development projects, events, conferences and workshops. The most innovative and prominent figures of Paper Art show their works here in the Outdoor, Indoor and Design & Architecture and Performance sections.

In addition to art exhibitions, Lucca Biennale is also a place of comparison and growth with a calendar of:

NE.D. - Network Days: conferences and networking events that allow the exchange between artists and professionals,

Educational Lab: creative workshops designed to guide children to discover paper art through workshops inspired by the works on display.

Lucca Biennale at each edition presents a guest country, with the aim of enhancing the contribution made in the world of Paper Art from the point of view of tradition and innovation.

During the year, 8 monumental works in cardboard can be visited in a museum spread in the historical environments of the city of Lucca.

1 august / 26 september 2021
Start / End Time
10:00 / 19:00
various places in the historic center of Lucca

Associazione Culturale Metropolis
Via dei Bocchi, 241 - Capannori
Tel +39 0583 928354 -