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5th edition of Collezionando, the market exhibition dedicated to the universe of comics and all its reference worlds, with guests, exhibitions, meetings and events, a "must" for fans.

A weekend for fans and families, an opportunity to spend two days together and live an experience of maximum livability.  Confirm the original characteristics of this event, i.e. its "slow" character, characterized by tranquility and time available to share, interact, develop and above all deepen their interests and passions, meet artists of great level and see them at work.

Confirmed, of course, the centrality of comics, there will be 3D collectables, toy soldiers and figurines with space for numerous stands of exhibitors, publishers, specialist shops and associations. As always there will be a large Artist Alley, where you can meet established and emerging artists and buy the desired or commissioned drawing. With us also the main communities dedicated to the world of comics, real partners that will bring guests and content to present to visitors and the active involvement of the main Communities (Diabolik Club, Papersera, Amys, Dylandogofili, DDog fanclub, ZTN, SCLS, Amici Zagoriani della Sardegna. There will be as always a large Artist Alley, where to meet established and emerging artists and buy the desired or commissioned design.

A special dedicated space is set up for fans, where the authors present will alternate, to meet readers, dedicate prints, sign drawings or albums. And then a rich program of guests, exhibitions, meetings and activities will help to further enhance this lively spring festival.

The event is an explicit dedication to collectors: thanks to them and to the care taken in jealously preserving precious material (especially pre-war and post-war material), the memory of series, characters, authors of whom otherwise every trace would have been lost; we have reached the turning point: the oldest collectors leave, their material is mostly dispersed, thrown away, sold, and the same happens for the so-called amateur publishers, who with their reprints have introduced us to unexplored horizons.

26 / 27 February 2022
Start / End Time
9:00 / 19:00 (sat.) - 9:00 / 18:00 (sun.)
Polo Fiere. Via della Chiesa XXXII, Traversa I, 237 - Lucca
€ 5,00 / € 10,00. Subscriptions and statutory reductions provided.

LUCCA CREA s.r.l..
Corso Garibaldi, 53 (ex Caserma Lorenzini) - Lucca
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ANAFI – Associazione Nazionale Amici del Fumetto e dell’Illustrazione
c/o ARCI – Viale Ramazzini, 72 – Reggio Emilia
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