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Nebraska's War

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Nebraska's War 6.0 is Italy's largest non-Premier role-playing tournament. Artists, sellers and players for four days in December meet in Lucca.

The Polo Fiere of Lucca hosts players from all over Europe and beyond, in the edition of the largest non-Premier Italian event: Nebraska's War, which as every year is confirmed as one of the most expected Magic: The Gathering events.
Players from all over the world will compete in all available formats and will also have the opportunity to meet great guest artists for the occasion.

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game from the Wizard of The Coast born in 1993 and popular in over fifty countries, which has the characteristic of being able to be played in many different formats. The spirit of Nebraska's War is to welcome and give space to have fun for as many players as possible, coming from all over Italy, but also from the rest of Europe, from Russia and from America.

Inside the pavilions there will be stands for the purchase and sale of cards and the purchase of packages, boxes, gadgets and gifts for the game, as well as great artists from the world of Magic: The Gathering and international artists.

Alongside the On Demand events, available every day, the program also offers main and side events that cover all existing formats, from the Old School for the nostalgic to the new Tiny Leaders, passing from those now established as Modern and Legacy, giving space to single players as well as couples (Two-Headed Giant) or Team Trios, not just limited to constructed, but also promoting Draft, Sealed and Minimaster.

Place: Polo Fiere

Address: Traversa I di Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237, Lucca

Dates: December


Ticket: admition free

Telefono: 340 0939935

Web Site:


Nebraska's War
Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237,Traversa I, Lucca
340 0939935 -