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"Il Settecento Musicale a Lucca", is a project dedicated to a complex and articulated musical century that has been fully expressed in Lucca.
It will be enhanced young artists and will be proposed music no longer played, such as the musical journey through the music of Giuseppe Maria Carretti, Bolognese, and
of his pupils Giacomo Puccini Senior and his son Antonio.

scheduled today

Saturday 7th March
18:00 - Auditorium IISSM Boccherini | Music found again. From Bologna to Lucca: from San Petronio to San Martino.
Musical journey through the music of Giuseppe Maria Carretti and his students Giacomo and Antonio Puccini (critical editions by Héctor Alonso Cruz Cardoso - supervision by Silvano Pieruccini).

Giacomo Puccini (senior) - Mass for four voices concerted with violins;
Giuseppe Carretti - Dixit for four voices concerted with instruments;
Giuseppe Carretti- Kyrie from the Messa a 4 voci concertata con strumenti;
Antonio Puccini - Kyrie from Missa pro defunctis for 4 voices concerted with instruments.

Jennifer Schittino, soprano
Alessandro Carmignani, countertenor
Luciano Bonci, tenor

see the complete programme of concerts on the official website of the event and .

October 11, 2020
Start / End Time
18:00 / 20:00
Auditorium ISSM Luigi Boccherini. Piazza del Suffragio, 6 - Lucca
Admission free