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Poster Lucca Changes

Visions of Lucca in the posters of Lucca Changes 2020

This year not just one, but dozens, hundreds of posters for Lucca Comics & Games which, in this particular 2020 edition, gets different and becomes Lucca Changes.

A great collective work with the participation of many artists following the motto of DREAM ON! Drawing to continue dreaming all together.
Big names in Italian comics and illustration enthusiasts show Lucca according to their point of view, different personal style and sensibility. A changeable and fluid city, but still magical, surreal and fantastic.

Many posters, visions and dreams. We have selected some of them from the poster wall of the official website of the event ...


Lucca Comics and Games 2020 Poster Wall


Two unique symbols of Lucca are the most popular,

with an ancient history and irresistible charm: the Guinigi Tower and Piazza dell'Anfiteatro.
In the delicate artwork of the dreamer Rachele Aragno the tower dominated by holm oaks seems to pose to be admired. Piazza Anfiteatro, on the other hand, is the city's parlor, a stage for shows, exhibitions, concerts, markets, as shown in the poster by Emanuele Manfredi. Brushstrokes of color and imagination to emphasize the importance of art and culture for the city.



lucca comics and games 2020 poster


More disturbing and evocative


the posters by Gigi Cavenago who pays homage to Lucca in all its monumental beauty, with the mighty Renaissance walls, the great Romanesque churches, the medieval towers and the welcoming squares. Are the arms outstretched upward threatening forces that undermine the city or positive protective energies that carry it towards the future and change?
Flavio Kampah immerses the Cathedral of San Martino in an end of the world atmosphere. Meteors and space visions rip the sky before the storm; in the center there is obviously the most important church in the city, majestic, full of symbols, stories and mysteries.
The powerful image of Giulio Rincione (Batawp) of the sixteenth-century Porta San Pietro, the most imposing gate of the Walls of Lucca, reveals the fragility of a devastated planet and the urgency to act thinking above all of future generations. An invitation to reflect in this year full of changes.




three posters of lucca comics and games 2020


From historical places and characters

In Lucca everyone knows the sad stories of the two most famous noblewomen of the city.
In the romantic poster by Giovanni Malgherini, the sweet and beautiful Ilaria del Carretto lies asleep waiting for the kiss of her prince in the dim light of the sacristy of the Cathedral of Lucca.
A completely different story is told about Lucida Mansi, equally beautiful and noble, but, according to legend, libertine and cruel, ready to do anything to be eternally young and attractive. In the portrait of Roberto Battestini, the dark and diabolical side of the rich 17th century lady, who fell into hell for her wicked choices and the pact with the Devil.
And then, the panther can't be missed ...  well, it also if it is not the symbol of Lucca, let's make an ecception, since it is certainly very elegant with its golden necklace / historic center!



lucca comics and games poster



In the colorful poster of Lil Bart a modern Alice seems about to take us with her into her Wonderland. Sun, music, joy, curious and fantastic characters await us as soon as we cross the threshold of the city. The unmistakable church of San Michele in the homonymous large square which is the heart of the city.
In the image of Francesca Presentini (Fraffrog), the nineteenth-century Porta Elisa becomes a magical door to a colorful and lively city. New challenges and opportunities stimulate enthusiasm and creativity despite the distances. A caring companion comes to the rescue: technology, which offers the tools to experience a different and unique event.
And here is this new dimension appearing in front of us: in Silvia Gadina's poster the retrowave-style skyline of Lucca invites us not to forget the past, treasure it and look forward towards the future.



poster lucca comics and games 2020

Just keep on dreaming. Happy Lucca Changes to everybody and ... Dream On!

Lucca Comics and Games 2020 becomes Lucca Changes and moves on the net and on RAI channels. All live broadcasts are available on the website