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Raccontami una storia - (Tell me a story) Tales of Mistery and Imagination is the solo exhibition of artist Gudrun Schmidt.

At the center of her creativity are dreams and experiences of soul and memory. Abstract works that stimulate the imagination to pry and entice viewers to find their own meaning in the hidden layers and signs.

Stories told in obvious forms, others only with more subtle hints: the hidden beneath the known, dreams and the subconscious, signs and symbols born of intuition, the struggles of heroes and glimpses of fairy tales and fables.

A visual language of organic and abstract forms represented with a mixed media, with complex multi-layered surfaces, often interspersed with collages of fragments of prints or handmade papers.

Opening Thursday, April 28 at 18:00.

On Thursday, May 5 at 6:30 p.m. evening reading of poems by Claudio Stefanini accompanied by the music of classical guitarist Federico Pietroni.


28 april / 8 may 2022
Start / End Time
Church San Benedetto in Gottella. Piazza Bernardini - Lucca

Gudrun Schmidt
tel. + 39 366 3252995 -