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A new theater performance at the Real Collegio in this spring / summer season, organized by the art collective and cultural association Spazio Lum. On Sunday 13 June at 7:30 pm the premiere of the show entitled Sono nata il ventuno di Primavera will be staged in the Santa Caterina cloister.

A monologue written by Debora Pioli. Taken from the autobiography of Alda Merini, La pazza della porta accanto (The madwoman next door). Played by Simona Generali.

For info and reservations: +39 328 0628802. Admission upon registration on site.

June 13, 2021
Start / End Time
7:30 pm / 9:30 pm
S. Caterina cloister, Real Collegio. Via della Cavallerizza - Lucca
€ 10,00

Spazio LUM
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