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The Giglio theater virtually opens the doors with TeatroCittà streaming project, visible on the OnTheatre platform. 5 shows, part of a spring program giving a voice to the artists, reconnecting them with the audience, aware of the fact that actors and spectators are essential for theater.

In the program from Tuesday 20 April

9.00 pm - on demand streaming platform OnTheatre | TeatroCittà - Care Selve. Dance, theater, songs and live music to rediscover the spiritual aspects of theater. Idea, texts, direction and choreography by Aline Nari. In collaboration with Marco Mustaro. Music by Bach, Bizet, Händel, Monteverdi, Mozart, Ribayaz, Schumann.

9.00 pm - on demand streaming platform OnTheatre | TeatroCittà - Pulcinella, uno di noi. Arianna Benedetti's luminous choreographic creation reflects the mocking soul of the famous Pulcinella mask, associated with contemporary men and women, in the infinite game of human comedy. The dance is rich, darting and articulate, varied, demanding and dynamic. The Nuovo Balletto di Toscana is unstoppable, imaginative and spectacular, energetic and expressive, on the dynamism of Stravinskij's notes, which strongly reinterpret the melancholy grace of Pergolesi's melodies.

9.00 pm - on demand streaming platform OnTheatre | TeatroCittà - C'era  una teatro canzoneOn the piano Stefano De Meo, Pierfrancesco Poggi, guitar and voice, in a journey in the end of the 70s, in the beginning of cabaret, author songs and vanguard theater, setting the roots of contemporary theater.
Music by Pierfrancesco Poggi, Jacques Brel, Dario Fo, Alberto Arbasino, Fiorenzo Carpi, Giorgio Strehler, Renato Carosone, Vittorio Gassman.

9.00 pm - on demand streaming platform OnTheatre | TeatroCittà - Riccardo Cecchetti. Recital by the piano player Riccardo Cecchetti, international concertist and the art director of the festival Virtuoso & Belcanto, who has dedicated a concert to the sonates for piano by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


From 20 to 30 April at the ticket office and via e-mail distribution of free codes for the shows.
Reservations at the theater box office: Tuesday 3.00 pm / 6.00 pm, Thursday and Friday 11.00 am / 1.00 pm. On the same days it is possible to call the telephone numbers: +39 0583 465320 / +39 366 6593993. E-mail:


April 2021
Start / End Time
9:00 pm
online streaming
€ 4,99 / € 6,49 (single ticket) - € 9,99 / € 11,49 (abo for 5 shows)

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