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The "Settecento Musicale" festival in Lucca

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The festival "Il Settecento Musicale a Lucca" has been promoted for the first time in 2015 and it stems from the growing awareness that, since the Renaissance onwards, this city has fostered a group of musicians of high level, only comparable to that of great musical Italian centres such as Venice, Naples, and Bologna.

During the centuries of its independence (until 1847), the "Lucense" Republic saw music as an essential element of public life and thus favoured the emergence of a long line of musicians of great value such as Nicolao Dorati, Cristoforo Malvezzi, Gioseffo Guami, Francesco Gasparini, and in the 18th century Francesco Xavier Geminiani, and the ancestor of Puccini, Giacomo Puccini Senior – so called to differentiate him from his famous great grandson-, and also Francesco BarsantiPompeo OrsucciLuigi Boccherini. This is an incomplete list, and many of these names had training and experiences not only locally, but also in the most innovative music schools of the time, sometimes bringing their talent to the European courts in London, Dublin and Madrid, where they often died.

This great heritage has been for long time the object of a new focus (thanks to Maestro Herbert Handt). Therefore, the historical archives are returning works worthy of coming back to the public. The Centre for Music Promotion "ANIMANDO", has made this one of the main reason for its existence, proposing the recovery and development, adopting a comparative approach, of this significant musical tradition, going mainly back the golden age of music, the eighteenth century .

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Place: Historic centre, Lucca

Dates: winter - spring


Web Site: Animandolucca