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Lockdown In Musica is a project by Michele Sarti Magi, an activist and musician from Lucca. A collection of 5 short musical documentaries, on air every Saturday night at 9:30 pm on Sarti Magi's Instagram, Facebook and YouTube profiles.
The project, in collaboration with the Lym Academy, aims to approach young and old people to the world of classical and romantic music.

In the program on Saturday 19 December

9.30 pm - Online streaming on FB / mikeofficial97, IG / mikeofficial.97, YT / MikeChannelOfficial | Lockdown In Musica - Avete mai ascoltato un quadro?( Lockdown In Music - Have you ever listened to a painting?) Event dedicated to a very particular theme: listening to paintings. A journey to discover the paintings of an exhibition by Musorgsky. A musical museum, where the paintings are represented by music. Even the movements from one room to another inside the museum are represented with music.

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November 21 / December 19, 2020
Start / End Time
9:30 pm
Online streaming
Free admission

Michele Sarti Magi
FB / mikeofficial97, IG / mikeofficial.97, YT / MikeChannelOfficial

Lym Academy
Via Orzali, 377 - loc. San Concordio, Lucca - FB / lymacademy, IG / lym_academy, YT / Lym Academy Channel
cell. +39 347 0338994 -