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A walk in time between psychiatry, literature and art. An emotional tour inside the former Psychiatric Hospital of Maggiano / Lucca accompanied by artistic animations, readings, scenic actions and music performances related to the theme of madness and the artistic experiences of psychosocial rehabilitation, held in Maggiano in the 1960s by the doctor and writer Mario Tobino.

A visit that allows participants to discover the figure of this important character, his life, literary works and his personal vision of mental illness, described in many pages of his books.

The courtyard of the management, the well cloister, the cloister of the women's division and the men's division, the X-ray laboratory, the art therapy room, the ancient stairs, the church, the cinema, the dormitory and the kitchens. The path was conceived by the psychiatrist Enrico Marchi and the Lucca Art and Psychology Association, with the MT6 artistic group in collaboration with the Tobino Foundation, the Lucca Medical Surgical Society and the Archimede Cultural and Promotion Association.

The tours will be held on:

12 February, 10 April, 15 May, 11 June at 10:00 am
12 March at 3.00 pm

For information and reservations: Tobino Foundation tel. +39 0583 327243 -



February 12 / June 11, 2022
Start / End Time
10:00 am
Former Psychiatric Hospital of Maggiano
Offers are welcome

Fondazione Mario Tobino
Via di Fregionaia 692, Maggiano - Lucca
tel. +39 0583 327243 -