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On November 30, 1786, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany inserted a new penal code in which, for the first time in the world, the abolition of the death penalty was decreed. The Festa della Toscana remembers that extraordinary event every year to affirm the commitment to the promotion of human rights, peace and justice.


On the occasion of the International Jazz Day organised by the UNESCO, the Lucca Jazz circle celebrates the anniversary with an online marathon on the social channels of the association and the Culture office of the City of Lucca.

In the program on Friday 30 April


3 May is the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, which has its roots as early as the fourth century after Christ. On this occasion a traditional fair is held.

Traditional fairs and markets have played a very important role since ancient times. Already in the Middle Ages, fairs were held during local festivals and the rulers granted exemption from duties and taxes thus offering goods with more convenient prices.

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