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A Festival for a fair, supportive, sustainable economy in connection with the Spirit. Rebuilding life is the theme of the 2020 edition of the Economy and Spirituality Festival held in four locations in Tuscany from 26 August to 8 September.
Shows, meetings and reflections to create a spiritual basis in the relationship with others, work and  environment.

In the program on Friday 25 September

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 950th anniversary of the Cathedral of Lucca, many events are organised including a cycle of conferences with the participation of university professors and experts, for an in-depth knowledge of the historical value different languages of art and faith have left through the centuries.

In the program on Thursday 24 September

5.00 pm - Ragghianti Foundation | "Matteo Civitali" lecture by Francesco Caglioti, Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.

Over The Real 5th edition - The International Festival of video art, in co-production and part of the program of the Lucca Film Festival Europa Cinema. From Wednesday 30 September to Sunday 4 October at the Ragghianti Foundation and the auditorium of Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Lucca. The works will also be online on Saturday 3 October on the official website

2nd edition of Lucca48, festival of short films made in 48h. A festival within the festival, part of the program of the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema 2020.
Lucca 48 takes place over a period of time between 7:30 pm on Friday 25 September and 7:30 pm on Sunday 27 September. Each participating team must complete their work in time to be delivered within 48 hours.
Only short films that categorically meet the aforementioned deadline can participate in the official competition.

3rd edition of the theatrical show Il Marchese del Grillo by the theater company La Quercia Incantata.
Prose show based on an adaptation by Sandro Scarpelli with scenes from "Il Marchese del Grillo", taken from the 19th century opera libretto.

Shows are held at Palazzo Pfanner, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September at 9:00 pm.

For information, reservations and presale, call the following numbers: 0583 952155 / +39 339 8357352.

The event is included in the September Lucchese 2020 calendar.

Settembre lucchese 2020

The month of September is particularly dear to the people of Lucca for the celebration of the feast of the Holy Face, the Holy Cross that has protected the city for centuries and that also this year will be the protagonist of the feast of September 14, even if in reduced form.

The current situation has in fact led to the cancellation of the traditional moments of celebration, moments of sharing and meeting, but there will be many appointments for September Lucchese, from religious festivals to fairs, markets, shows and Luna Park.



Guided tours

Restart step by step and discover near but unknown places. From the civic towers to the hidden corners of the city, from the San Martino cathedral to Villa Reale, from music to art, in the company of professional guides


@lucca #cisivededivenerdì

MOON - Do you want the moon?

From the wall of Lucca to the Moon.

Moon in the city is the first walking tour with a real guide and an immersive experience of Virtual Reality dedicated to the story of the conquest of the sky: from the wall of Lucca to the moon landing. A journey through time and space, a cultural, innovative and scientific experience to discover the wall of Lucca and the Apollo 11 mission through Virtual Reality technology.

Ferragosto and sorroundings

The long midsummer weekend in Lucca starts on the 12th of August. The historical center of Lucca is not crowded as you might know it, but the cloisters, the alleys and the squares host many outdoor events to celebrate this strange summer season with social distancing, but still staying together with lots of music !!


Wednesday 12

piazza san francesco di notte


The initiatives for the 950th anniversary of the Cathedral are back with the guided tours La città e la Cattedrale: Una storia d'arte e architettura (The city and the Cathedral: A history of art and architecture). Guided tours to the architectural and historical art heritage of the Diocese of Lucca by Ilaria Rinaldi, Francesco Niccoli, Mariella Andreini.

The program today Sunday 18 October

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