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A Festival for a fair, supportive, sustainable economy in connection with the Spirit. Rebuilding life is the theme of the 2020 edition of the Economy and Spirituality Festival held in four locations in Tuscany from 26 August to 8 September.
Shows, meetings and reflections to create a spiritual basis in the relationship with others, work and  environment.

In the program on Friday November 28

9:30 am / 2:00 pm - Online streaming on Zoom platform | La felicità nel lavoro. Verso una leadership spirituale

sundays on the City Walls

The Wall of Lucca is one of the most popular places for locals and visitors at any hour of the day and night and in every season.

A walk before lunch on Sunday morning, a refreshing run in the evening after work, a romantic date under the magnolias, an aperitif at sunset, there is always a good reason to be there. In autumn, a great attraction is the sumptuous foliage that, from bulwark to bulwark, curtain to curtain, wraps the walls and the city in a warm embrace.


Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Lucca opens the autumn season with an exhibition entitled Manifattura Chini. Opere inedite dalla Collezione Marianna Mordini. Unpublished works from the Marianna Mordini Collection, a Contemplazioni© project curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

Inauguration of the collective photo exhibition Immagini di Pace (Images of Peace) created by the Cultural Association Lucca Curiosa on Saturday 3 October at 5:00 pm. The exhibition includes the pictures of Marina Capovilla, Silvio Da San Martino, Sandra Giannini, Laura Menesini, Paolo Pescucci, Nelita Specchierla, Rossana Zoppi.

Also this year the mycological association Danese proposes an unusual version of the annual mushroom exhibition including each year hundreds of species cataloged and scientifically determined. Various species of fresh mushrooms, collected in the local woods, are exposed in detail.
In the exhibition visitors can admire numerous species of fresh mushrooms that the members of the mycological group of Ponte a Moriano have collected in these days to be displayed after having been determined and cataloged.

In the year of the bicentenary celebrations of the Botanical Garden of Lucca the Mycological and Naturalistic group of Lucca "Benedetto Puccinelli" organizes the 35th Autumn Mushroom Expo on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October at the modern greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of Lucca.
The exhibition is accompanied by a meeting on Benedetto Puccinelli, director (1830-1850) of the Botanical Garden of Lucca for twenty years .

The program:

Annual appointment in the cloister of the cultural center Agora from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm for the 8th edition of La Festa del presente - The gift at the time of Covid. The only rule:  giving without having anything in return.
The festival takes place in the occasion of the "National Gift Day", established in 2015 by the Italian Senate to spread "the culture of giving as an expression of the primary values ​​of freedom and solidarity affirmed by the Constitution"
No money is used, everyone gives what he wants to give and takes what he wants to take.

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