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Uno Tabarro di Sbiavato di Duagio. What is the meaning of this strange sentence that immediately attracts our attention?

On Sunday 10 April at 3.30 pm in the Casermetta San Paolino everything will be revealed in a conference in Italian language by Prof. Sara Paci Piccolo, expert in medieval historical reenactment and professor of History of Costume and Fashion and of Historical Tailoring Techniques.

A story about the many and different aspects of medieval history that made Lucca the city it is today, including uses, costumes, clothes and accessories from the 1300s, with images and stories from Boccaccio's Decameron.



April 10, 2022
Start / End Time
3:30 pm
Casermetta San Paolino. City walls - Lucca
Free admission

Associazione Contrade di San Paolino
Casermetta San Paolino. Mura Urbane - Lucca
Tel. +39 393 5018541 -