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Music for the spirit, but also a sign of hospitality offered to the many pilgrims, visitors, guests and citizens.
The rich review offered by the Cathedral of Lucca together with FLAM is divided into groups of concerts that accompany important moments of the year collected, with the International Festival of Choirs and International Organ Festival (FOI) of the Cathedral of San Martino on the occasion of the celebrations for the 950th anniversary of the Cathedral of Lucca.

scheduled today for the International Organistic Festival of the Cathedral of San Martino

Thursday 8 October
9:00 pm - S. Martino Cathedral | Organ Concert by Alessandro Bianchi (Italia - Cantù).

Reservations required calling +39 347 9692694. The complete program on the site

July 31 / October 25, 2020
Start / End Time
21:00 / 23:00
Cattedrale di S. Martino, piazza san Martino, Lucca
Admission free

FLAM - Federazione Lucchese delle Associazioni Musicali
c/o Croce Verde di Lucca
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